Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Mary-Kate Olsen

I know she's skinny and all, but can't she wear proper jackets and outerwear instead of layering heaps of hideous clothes which look as if they had been tailored for a obese person?

Her style: Flea market

Why do some people think she is stylish?
I do not see anything stylish in her outfits at all.
I like her hair though.

Ok, the green Converses are cool and old-school, but the skirt? Come on. The colour is drab and it has lace at the bottom. It looks like something even my grandmother wouldn't wear.

The pants are weird. She looks like shes gonna fall under the weight of all those clothes.
And striped skirt? Where does she get such BIG clothes?

I like the heels but the yellow sheer pants? Looks like it came from a circus. And it has lace trimmings! Eek.