Sunday, February 27, 2005

Milan Fashion Week - Versace

For Versace, it's all about daywear.

Her collection was luxurious (lots of fur), figure-hugging and occasionally romantic (chiffon).

The colours were simple and solid - blue, pink, green, white and black.

I think Donatella incorporated a little bit of J Lo into her collection. Not the Marc Anthony J.Lo. The P. Diddy bling bling J Lo.

Look at this:

White pants (seems to have no lining), white top, gold bling belt, fur coat = J Lo

Figure hugging, white dress, boots, a little bit of flesh = J Lo

But the gowns, they were nice.

Figure-hugging, full of sequins but not over the top, bling-in-your-face.

Gorgeous, no?

The thigh-high slit can be a little unforgiving, but I just love the colour and the pattern of the sequins.

But this is kinda weird:

Dominatrix meets Robocop meets transformers? (the jacket looks like it could transform into mechanical wings and take off)

Nevertheless, Versace had a pretty good collection.

Fall'05 is all about good tailoring, minimal accessories, simple yet luxurious.