Wednesday, February 16, 2005


These are great flats from Dr Scholls.
Retails: US$39.99

I'm quite sure it'll NEVER get to Singapore.
Scholls in Singapore is old and grandmotherly.

Why is Singapore so behind?

We really should learn more from our fashionable neighbours like Hong Kong and Japan.

I think Ugg boots are absolutely well, Uggh.
Apt name.

They look like Wellingtons. Without the childish charm.

What's with they hype?
The comfort?
Like the boring old Birkenstock.

The only reason I got an imitation Birkenstock was because it was the only casual slipper you could wear without looking like you were going to the wet market.
I would not pay such a hefty sum for such a boring slipper.

A friend is totally into Ugg boots.
Fashion Victim I guess, since Sienna Miller and Kate Moss used to (?) wear them.
The customised version looks way better, but all boots in my opinion, should have heels.
Otherwise, it looks like PCK or fishmonger-like.

In humid Singapore however, people who wear boots will probably be simply seen as
1. Trying to hard at being fashionable (comfort should never come after fashion)
2. Sluts (The mini skirt and boots ensemble does NOT look fashionable on the average short asian woman. More like a prostitute Geylang woman)

I will never buy boots.
Maybe ankle boots.
But I like flats better.

I should write to Scholl to bring these flats to Singapore!

Project Runway seems like a great show :)
If only Singapore had it too.

Want list:
Indian Flats from Topshop
Ballet Flats from Topshop