Friday, February 18, 2005

Sienna Miller - Latest Muse

Sienna Miller seems to be everyone's latest muse.

I think this outfit looks really cute, specifically the ethnic bolero. The cropped sweater looks puffy though, and is not very flattering. But then again, what winter wear is flattering?

After thinking through, one really wonders.
Is this outfit nice because Sienna Miller is wearing it?

The bolero is quirky and cute, but if any other 'normal' people were to wear it, it would probably end up looking outlandish.

I like her cream cardigan and her white singlet. They match well with the gold necklace.
The full skirt is pretty too, it sums up her downtown casual chic look.
I don't agree with the ankle heels or the bag with this outfit though.
I would have gone with ballet flats/sandals and a light brown leather bag instead.
But since its Balanciega, who cares?