Sunday, March 06, 2005

Alexander McQueen

It was an obvious tribute to the sixties.

There were so many types of looks.

The mature, independent woman, the hippie, the school teacher, the housewife, the rock and roll glamourous star blah blah.

Not much black or those high boots all other collections are touting.

There were ponchos, pointy metallic slingbacks, hairspray (and tons of it), chiffon, leopard print, sunnies etc.
It went all the way to the 60s.

It was like glamourous, independent, confident, mature, conservative at times and edgy at others.

Absolutely stunning.

An opposite to the Chanel school girl look - the school teacher look.

This just reminds me of the coat Gwyneth Paltrow wore in The Royal Tenenbaums. The aviator sunnies, the boots, the gloves and the coat - that glamourous movie star?

The rise of the working woman, the one that takes no shit from men.

The "desperate" housewife

The independent woman, the sophisticate, the artist.

Biker chick? Rock star.


No boots, but metallic slingbacks.