Friday, March 04, 2005

Andrew Gn

I just have to post something about Andrew Gn, cos he is Singapore's pride and joy (together with Ashley Isham)

He had the usual puffy sleeves, round collared, doll-like look, but it has matured to be more sophisticated, with black items and embellished jackets.

Sheen is in for material. And need I mention black is the new black all over again?

And he had pretty chandelier earrings which looked kinda weird sometimes with the daywear (a little over the top)

Some of the items looked a little military - esp the coats & boots.
Which kind of mirrors the Balenciaga look. Tough meets girly?

And some of the girly puffy sleeves and the embellishments remind me of Zac Posen's collection.

Maybe its the trend for fall.

Vintage meets girly meets tough meets military. Woah, a lot going on with this outfit.
But it is 'pull-off-able'.

The embellishment here reminds me of something similar I saw on Zac Posen. But the embellished top is a must have this fall.

I like the skirt too, though the material looks very heavy. The boots and the earrings are a little over the top, Andrew could do with a bit more simplicity.

Military like coats with great belts. I especially love the jewelled one on the green outfit (with sheen!). But the fur on the sleeves look a little over the top but overall the look is luxurious and a little military. Notice the boots again.

I like the sweet top, but I hate the skirt. It looks kiddy and I don't like grey. It's an ugly colour. It makes any piece of clothing look like it came from a flea market or something.

Several Asian influences, not surprising, since Andrew is Asian himself.
This tunic is of course, Indian-inspired.

It's babydoll like, and embellished and black.
That's pretty much what has been the trend in most collections this fall.
Chandelier earrings are scary here.

Oooh, a kimono-inspired, Japanese coat.
Dont like the fur at the sides and the trimmings and the print doesn't look that fantastic too.
Colour!!!! How can anything that is influenced by Asia not have colours?

I just detest grey.

And I don't like tasseled belts or any tassels of any kind.
It's in my list of materials that should remain on household items (like curtains!)
To digress: Terry cloth is on that list - stick to towels!!

This is what I mean by colour.
Obviously Indian. Even the model looks a little Indian.

This would sell in India.
I can't see anyone wearing it anywhere else.

Andrew Gn is about Asia, tough and girly and doll-like and military all at once.

But it really is not that confused.

It's just sophisticated feminity - with a dash of tough-chick.

And the accessories are a little out of place, given every other collection seems to have forgotten about them.
The boots are alright, but don't quite appreciate the chandelier earrings.

But I still like the belts.

And sheen is good. It makes black chic.