Sunday, March 20, 2005

Been there, Done that, Got the Free Tshirt?

Valise case by Tracy Emin for Longchamp

So there's the message Tshirt. The collar pins. The plastic bands.

Now, there's the message bag!!

Ten years ago, Longchamp introduced the `Le Pliage' bag to the world. Now, a decade later, they have commissioned the help of renowned artist Tracey Emin to celebrate the bag's anniversary. An extremely innovative artist, Emin used her distinct style to create three new bags for Longchamp that embody an 'International Woman' searching for love. The first bag, a suitcase, is reminiscent of childhood, made with patchwork and a pink blanket. Every bag has a rosette, on which Emin has hand drawn the Longchamp logo and written the name of a street, city or hotel that "reminds her of a moment of love". The 'Always Me' bag is a cute floral tote that reads the phrase 'always me' on one side. Coming in two sizes, the bag is meant to remind women that "No matter how much in love, you should never forget yourself". Lastly, Emin created the "Dragonfly" clutch-bag. The embroidered dragonfly on each bag is representative of the male species. A hand written message is scrawled backwards across the other side, meant to be deciphered by a man with a mirror. No matter which style you go with, these bags are timeless in their message and utility.

[via Nylon]