Wednesday, March 09, 2005


Bourgeoisie Bohemian vs New Romantic

Everyone is talking about it.
So the NY Times's Cathy Horyn says designers squared of in an ideological war, between the bourgeoisie and the romantics.

The new fashion tagwords? Dumpster dressing, Bag Lady, Bourgeoise Bohemian or Bobo etc.

With the rise of Hollywood celebs wearing cheap-looking, loose clothing on the streets, many people are taking to this trend of Bobo-ness.

Wearing chiffon with boots, peasant skirts with piled on jewellery, totally pattern, material and colour-clashing, dressed as if they couldn't care less.

I guess this is the evoloution of boho-chic after people became tired of style icons like Kate Moss and Sienna Miller who mixed casual and luxury impeccably.

Now, this trend has taken 2 extremes.
The fashion world has been divided into 2:

The bobos & the romantic, high-luxurious

I know you don't have to pay a lot of money to look good, but you don't have to go around making sure everyone knows that you can only afford shopping at the Salvation Army.

And for those who actually buy authentic designer wear that looks like it came from the Salvation Army, I say you have too much money to waste.

Well, the Bobos will rise and then fall again.
That frumpy, random-items-from-my-closet look just won't last.

Moreover, unless you are a movie star or a celebrity of some kind, wearing chiffon peasant skirts and boots with a mismatched oversized tshirt will just make you look like some homeless person togging some donations from the welfare organisations that distribute clothes every month.

I say hail luxury and all its cashmere, satin and calfskin grandeur.

Some bobos this Fall

Marc Jacobs

Jill Stuart

And Miss BoBo herself:

Mary Kate Olsen (with the ultimate bobo accessory - Starbucks - the same way the ultimate "Juicy clan" accessory is a chinchilla wrapped in pink terrycloth)

I love my luxury:


And my luxury queen:

Uma the fab