Saturday, March 05, 2005


Cacharel was also into the English countryside / prairie girl look.

Key items: Tasselled boots and leggings, Gingham prints, prarie dresses and an occasional tophat to spice things up.

But Cacharel managed to make countryside couture look more sophisticated than Burberry. The tailoring was much more structured and it introduced many rich colours like reds and navy blues into the collection.

I love the red coat and jacket. It is way more refreshing than the usual black/white/brown coats I've seen in almost all collections.

The flower cutouts look pretty and just work to bring down the vavavoom of the red to more of a girly, country look.

I'm not big on tasselled boots though, in fact I hate them.

I'm not sure if this is supposed to be a prairie look but I love the fact that they had little prints to spice things up.

There were no belts but the strategically placed prints achieved the same effect.

Cacharel can do prairie dresses much better than Burberry.

Love the colour and the chiffon-y material. And the print/sew-ons (can't quite see it clearly) on the neckline look great.

Nicely done tailoring, making the dress look less frumpy than the usual prairie looks.

Gingham gingham gingham.

The boots looks damn weird though.