Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Cute items

I'm a great fan of all things girly. Yes, pink, polka dots, ruffles, bows and everything butterfly and fairy-ish.

I am after all, only 18 this year. So I am allowed to dress 10 years younger, am I?

Dolly clothes just make me feel like a little girl growing up, playing with my Polly Pocket doll set and making little tea parties for the "He-man", "Ninja Turtle" and "Barbie" dolls I had. I would use flowers from the garden and little fruits from the bush (which I reckon were poisonous), mash them all up and mix them with rainwater to make a 'herbal tea' of some sort.

And I would create little dramas of love triangles between the 'he-man', the 'ninja turtle' and the leading lady - Barbie (mine was Barbie hawaii or something, she came with a little pink scooter)

I loved to dress Barbie and comb her very tangled blonde hair. I loved to sit at my Mother's dressing table, putting on her Neutrogena Light Night Cream, her Clinique Dramatically Different moisturiser and all the perfumes she had (Estee Lauder White Linen).

I loved to twirl around the porch like a ballerina and wear my gold bangles (which were reserved only for Chinese New Year).

My mother used to dress me in little straw hats with ribbons and roses on the top. I had many of these hats.

One with a red rose, another with a red satin ribbon and yet another in a pink with white polka dots sash.

I loved to do up my waist-length hair. I loved to tie it up with a thin lilac ribbon, making me feel like a little Rapunzel of sorts.

I had black patent leather Mary Janes, white sandals and my favourite - Green Suede Keds Ankle Boots.

I adored those boots and wore them till I outgrew them.

It was really quite amusing now I think about it.

I used to stuff socks into my blouse to imagine how I would look like with boobs (can you believe that?) and put on a ridiculous amount of lipstick from my mother's drawer.

I loved to try on my mother's pumps (beige with flower applique) and her scarves (she has tons of them).

I had a little floral "blouse and shorts" suit and had a great love for all paisley items. (had 2 blouses)

I thought velvet was the holy grail of luxury and remember loving this velvet black dress I had with a white flower brooch in the centre. (very french)

I also adored a black checkered dress which had tons of little ribbons sewed on to it.

Oh how I wish I was a little doll all over again.

But since I can't turn back time, I sure can dress like one with these fab finds.

Of course, you don't want to go all the way and dress entirely like a doll.
You don't want to try to hard.

So mix and match and keep the girly spirit alive.

A tribute to me when I was 8:

Marc Jacobs Go-go boots




Cap-Toe Ballet Flats

Eric Javits
Ribbon Trim Fedora