Thursday, March 10, 2005

The Look Book for Fall'05 - (B)


The elegant edwardian/victorian style is quite popular this fall.
There are loads of ruffles and high-necklines and chiffon and flowing gowns especially from Rochas, which had a stunning collection.

The Victorian style is great for a Hollywood award ceremony, but otherwise it would be difficult to incorporate such a style into everyday wear.

Unless, you wear a ruffled, Victorian-isque top which basically has a high bow-collar and ruffled sides.


Maybe something like the above top from Rochas. It looks a little like a Chinese collar. Can't quite see it clearly (this is the problem with black outfits).

So the Victorian theme is here.

Which brings me to the next trend:

The ribbon/bow

The ribbon was really everywhere. It was so ubiquitous I would probably go crazy posting pictures of it.

They appeared on belts, on boots, on straps, on shoes, basically everywhere.

You see, ribbons, I believe, are a perennial. Everytime a designer wants to make something appear more girly to soften things up, add in a ribbon.
Everytime, they want to make something pretty, add in a ribbon.
Wanna have the feel of the 60s? Add a ribbon.
Sweet? Add a ribbon.

The ribbon, though really is just a piece of satin tied into a bow - not very difficult to create, can do wonders for an outfit.

The ribbon appears on one of the must-have shoes this fall - the ankle strapped sandal.


I'll go into details about the ankle strapped sandal another time because the material is simply too great to add in this already cramped post.

So anyway, what happens when the Victorian theme meets the Ribbon theme?

You get the bow collar top (with ruffles at the side!).

The look can also pass off as a 60s kind of thing, when the bow collar was everywhere.

The bow collar makes for a more subdued Victorian theme, one that can be incorporated into day wear.

The bowcollar wasn't "everywhere" but was the main feature at Valentino and YSL Rive Gauche, so I think that is good enough to call a trend.

This fits the "romantic" style as well as the "sixties" trend this Fall.
And I guess it can be considered "Bobo" as well, if you mismatch it properly (is that a oxymoron? Mismatch and proper?) with oversized stuff I don't want to get into (because I hate bobo!).

So anyway, here are the bow collars this Fall:


YSL Rive Gauche

YSL Rive Gauche




Julien Macdonald

Now I wonder if Singapore will ever stock up on bow collars or anything Victorian for that matter.
The whole look can easily go wrong wrong wrong if paired wrongly (never pair with jeans!) so it's only for the fashion savvy and the famous/adventurous.

Meanwhile, the ribbon look alone is great and I really hope that shops here will stock up on ribbon items at the end of this year (Esp ribbon shoes!!!! and belts!!!!)

Meanwhile, I found this journal from Pixelgirl, which is absolutely fabulous!

Sassy Polka Dot Journal

It looks so fabulous!! It kinda reminds me of Luella's fall collection, with the polka dots and the ribbon.


And I just love it when Black and Pink mix.
Like punk princess or something.
And this has polka dots, which is cool when used subtly.

Anyway, the Wishing Fish has fantastic accessories!

Love the Lucky Beggar Purse and the tongue-in-cheekcompact mirrors like the one above.

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