Friday, March 11, 2005

The Look Book for Fall'05 - (C)

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes.

If blogs just dedicated to shoes (Manolo, Shoewawa etc) haven't given you an idea yet, let me inform you.

Shoes are important, just like bags are important.

If you don't feel like wearing any fancy clothes and just wanna wear a t-shirt and jeans ensemble, then you have to have a pair of great shoes and a great bag, ok?

This fall had fantastic shoes.
There isn't any prevalent trend for shoes, because everytime I think a certain shoe is 'in', I see another collection with a totally different set of shoes.

Firstly, this being Fall, there has got to be Boots.

Boots basically are either Stacked Heeled, Pointy Heeled or Flat.

There were the occasional wedge boots, but I don't think they are a good idea.

So the 3 heels being covered, there were different materials for boots.
Mainly velvet or suede (flat heeled or stack heeled) or leather (pointy heeled).

The bow trend extends to boots too. Lots of them on boots.

For those who live in the tropics and knee high boots are an absolute no-no, there were a few, but really, oh so few, ankle boots.

Boots were of all colours really, but mainly dark rich colours like purple, black and brown. Red occassionaly. And yellow, but not light neon yellow, more brownish-autumn yellow.But purple is the super 'in' colour this fall (black is always 'in') so I would say, if you have to buy one 'other-than-black' coloured boot, purple would be safe.

It seems like all kinds of boots are trendy, given that I mentioned almost all styles for boots, but there are a few which are NOT.

-Fur boots
-Knit boots as mentioned in Inmybag
-Tasselled boots or any boot which has little thingys that swing as you walk

Velvet flat boots Alberta Ferretti

Suede ankle boots at Moschino

Yellow suede ribbon boots at Marc by Marc Jacobs

Stacked Heeled yellow leather boots at Anna Sui

Stacked heel navy boots (I love the Maryjane detail!) at Anna Sui

Skin tight leather ribbon boots at McCartney

Navy, Suede boots at Gucci

Other than boots, there were also heels.

Mainly: open toe heels and the ankle-strapped heels, pumps & slingbacks.

I would say ankle-straps are definitely going to be big when shops stock up on Fall items.

There were occassional Mary-janes, which I think are super gorg in any season, so who cares, just get them.

Heels were mainly stacked heels or pointy heels.

Wedges, as already mentioned, were not really around. Although there were a few platforms.

I didn't see much flats too.

All kinds of materials, but there were a lot of skins like python and croc on the shoes.

And there were plenty of colours. Black is a perennial, and alot of other colours, even bright spring-like colours were used. And there were metallics too.

There were a lot of experimenting with the heels, with prints and skins etc, so there isn't much of a trend around them.

Thus, I shall do a Don't list, instead of a Do list - its much easier this way.


- The ribbon stops at the ankle. Don't go gladiator and purchase those tie up your calves kind
-Keep the flats and the spring sandals at home this Fall. They will resurface again in Spring next year, don't worry.
-No more ballet flats. Damn.
-Wedges. So last season.
-Clogs (why am I even mentioning clogs?)

There is a trend in the runway that I hope people DONT adopt though.
It's the socks in heels thing.
Please don't do it. Certain things look good only on the runway.
You'll really attract negative attention, wearing socks in your sandals.

If it's cold, wear a boot. Or maybe some leggings (but be wary, you could go super wrong with leggings)
And no, please don't wear a legwarmer either.

Colourful ankle-strapped pointy heel DSquared

Ribbon ankle-strap pointy heel at DSquared

Open Toe Stacked Heel, Ankle strapped DSquared

Open toe pointy heel red suede at DSquared

Stacked heel python skin at Alberta Ferretti

Gorg Maryjane stacked heel at Anna Sui

Stacked heel pump Alessandro Dell'Acqua

Croc skin pump at Alexander McQueen

Maroon suede slingbacks at Alexander McQueen

Metallic Croc/Python skin slingback at Alexander McQueen

Ribbon ankle strap stacked heel at Missoni

Ribbon ankle strapped leather stacked heel at McCartney

Open toe metallic at Christian Dior

Croc skin Stacked heel pump at Dolce And Gabbana

Purple ankle strap at Zac Posen

Purple ankle strap stacked heel at Chloe

So many heels. I just had to post them. They were all sooo gorgeous.