Saturday, March 12, 2005

The Look Book for Fall'05 - (D)


I've got a confession to make. When I was really really young, I used to like Gingham. I thought it was absolutely cool because there were so many people on television wearing them.

These 'people' mainly played characters boys.

Till today, when I think of the typical American college boy, I have a vision of a lanky guy with a white tee, a black vinyl slingbag and a gingham shirt.

Gingham does not have a good reputation with the fashionistas because of its lousy image.

But for Fall, gingham and all things checkered has made a comeback. This is really due to the English countryside, prairie girl look. But if you are not really into the whole prarie girl look like me, it is possible to look sophisticated with checks too.

It's all in the colours and the way to match it.

More cheap than chic (for the young and adventurous):


Marc by Marc Jacobs

Chic (more wearable, classic):

Paul Smith Women (the dress, not the boots)

MaxMara (only the coat, the entire look due to the shoes, hair and makeup looks dumpster)

Anna Sui

Moving on,
We also have another trend that can easily fall into the 2 categories of cheap or chic.

The whole cheap or chic thing really lies in the colour, the tailoring, the material and what you match it with.


With Marc Jacobs leading the way, there were quite a lot of stripes this season.

Lots of stripes on scarves and tops. Not really a lot of pinstripe suits. Stripes were mainly large and/or colourful.

Horizontal stripes are not flattering to wear on clothes cos they make you look wider, but if the stripes are large, it kind of counters that effect.

For a more subtle look, wear stripes of scarves or other little accessories only.

More cheap than chic:

Burberry Prosum

Christian Dior


Sportmax (compare with the Dior one, the stripes are similar, but the tailoring and the entire outfit brings it over to the chic side)

Dolce and Gabbanna


Now with all the cheap/chic theme, I decided to add in one more.


Okay, overalls aren't really a "trend". Very few collections had them and these were those which had the whole bobo idea.

But anyway, I think overalls can be quite cool to lounge around the house in. But other than that, they aren't exactly the most stylish wear.
And on top of that, they are quite inconvenient to wear.

Christian Dior

To CrankyBiscuit: The LookBook is for Fall. Wedges are still in for Spring, but they're gone for Fall.