Monday, March 21, 2005


I love how there are looks on the MAC website.

Some looks (which are easier to adapt and not too ostentatious):



From Nylon:


You worked hard all day, and just when you thought you'd make your escape, the boss asks you to put in a little overtime. Ok, don't spaz—we have a few tips to make getting ready in a rush that much easier. First, make sure your foundation is still keeping it confidential. Next pick your favorite feature and play it up (we recommend the eyes for their drama potential). Apply liner to the lower and upper lash. Depending on your mood you can go sex kitten á la Bardot, or Hepburn sophisticate. For the sultry look, think morning after (smudgy with defined corners), for the demure look think clean lines. Mascara is a must, apply it only to top lashes to save time. For an extra punch, add a little shimmer to the cheekbones and under the browline, this brightens the face and adds a gorgeous glow. If you're looking to pull a few, we recommend a subtle yet sexy lipgloss. Look for one whose tone reads "just been kissed." Lastly, Don't forget to give your mane a little attention. If you've got limp locks, head to the bathroom, wet your roots and hang your head upside-down under a hand-dryer to create volume. For those with wild-child hair it's easiest to just slick it back into a sleek coifed look, for this keep a little gel and a few clips on-hand. Voila! Your work's done, you're ready for the other 9 to 5 (a.m., that is), and it took less than 10 minutes. Being a siren has never been so simple. —Elisabeth Burks

I don't work, but this article is hella useful!! For just that casual day out too!