Thursday, March 24, 2005

Spring Swim 1

Be it summer or spring, its all about swimming.

For some, that's the only time they can bask in the sun, get a tan (a REAL one) and work those limbs in the pool/sea.

And so what's in the must-have kit for hitting the beach?
-flip flops
-beach towel
-swimsuit or bikini
-good company
-coverup clothings if necessary
-jackie-o sunnies
-straw hats
-beach umbrella
-beach tote
-a scarf/wrap
-fruit punch
-full body wax
-beach shorts

And if you live in a beach house/hotel/resort (lucky you!), then you've gotta get a crisp oversized white shirt and some white/beige pedal pushers and you can look absolutely decadent (without trying to hard) walking barefooted on the sand in the wee hours of the morning.

And for the night, you can slip into a green satin dress and killer heels and sip on lychee martinis and light champagne by the beach as girls in hawaiian skirts sashay down with your orders of lobster and shrimp. And with Santana playing in the background. And with a perfect sunset.

The thing is, spring is for everyone. So is swimming and beaches.

This post will be focused on luxury. For those who holiday in a private resort in St. Tropez or Mauritius or Fiji. For those who only wear Prada or LV. For those with that extra cash (though you don't need that much money to get the beachy look, as I will demonstrate in the next post). For those who can afford the following:

Paul Smith Swirl-Print Pareo

Dior Hippie Print Exotic Beach Dress

Juicy Couture Floral Terry Shorts

Do a Anna Wintour by tanning atop this leopard print Dolce & Gabbana Cotton Beach Towel

Louis Vuitton Monogram Beach Towel

Emilio Pucci Triangle 2-Piece Swimsuit

Dior Hippie Print Exotic Swimsuit




Vince Poplin Beach Pants

Prada Nylon Beach Bag

Louis Vuitton Neo Cabas MM

Versace Beach Tote

Moschino Cherry Thong Sandal

Louis Vuitton Bahia Thong

Dior A-Dior-able Sunglasses