Friday, March 25, 2005

Spring Swim 2

Now now, who says you need lots of cash to look good on the beach?

Look at all the young teenagers frolicking in their trendy little bikinis and beachy hair. Don't they look great in simple Hollister and Abercrombie too?!

In fact, Abercrombie and Hollister have really pretty flip flops and swimwear.

Other more pocket-friendly brands like Ripcurl, Roxy etc are also just as fab.

After all, its all about the attitude babe. Not the clothes...or lack of for that matter.

Who cares if you can't afford St Tropez? The whole idea is you wanna show off your brand new buys! Not be isolated all by your lonely self in a private beach (I wish it were me,me,me! Damn.)

So sip on that watermelon juice and put on your GAP swimsuit with pride.

Be a bona-fide bikini babe. Or whatever.

Urban Outfitters Hawaiian Floral Pareo

Karen Neuburger Shower Wrap

A&F Polka Dot Swim Bottom


Sofia by Vix Polka Dot Ruffle Bottom

GAP piped button halter (capri pink)

GAP buckle halter

HCO Halter Swim Top

HCO Star Flip Flops

Urban Outfitters Straw and Leather Basket Weave Bag

Urban Outfitters Floppy Beach Hat

Horizon Sunglasses

Fossil Signature Oversize Glasses