Friday, March 04, 2005

Stella McCartney

I quite enjoyed the Stella McCartney show.

The look was the signature Stella McCartney style - very loose, baggy, wearable, thin fabrics - even in Fall.

The style was quite androgynous with quite a number of professional work wear.

There were a few key items, mainly the coats which had flared ends - like a 'baby doll' coat of some sort.

There were also a many kinds of pullovers, but I didn't enjoy many of them.
I liked the beige ones only, I didn't quite like the greyish ones or the blue ones cos matched with equally drab colours (shirt and pants) they looked very boring, and even to the extent of cheap and flea market like. (alot of flea market looks this fall, which is strange, with some shows being super luxe and others looking like a thrift store showcase)

Black was the key colour, but there were other colours like grey, white and a few red and blue items.

Though day wear was her thing, her cocktail dresses were simple and pretty too.

Unfortunately, Stella was a no-show, she was probably busy taking care of herself and her new-born.

The baby doll coat. Very cute and girly.

I loved the cocktail dresses, like this red one, which is classy and elegant, and yet a little bit of vavavoom cos of the red. But I thought it could use better shoes. And what the hell is that black thing slung over the chest?

Cute cocktail dress. A little corset-ish and the material looks like brocade. And black just tops it all up.

Gorgeous colour , but I don't think the un-evenness of the colour was very nice.
But I like the design, something you can wear to work maybe? And also wear for a night out.

Skinny pants, boots, quirky bag. Androgynous and comfortable.

I love the coats. Very unique tailoring. And yet they don't look difficult to wear at all, they look oh-so comfortable.

Ahh, this is nice. A loose babydoll top that is good enough to wear to work and yet casual enough to go shopping with.

The boots look scary, but I love the structured tailoring of this shirt-dress. It looks very smart and chic.

One more thing I'd like to add: The models look happy. They don't sulk.
And I like that the most.

What's there to be unhappy about when you are strutting about in stylish, comfortable clothes?