Thursday, March 03, 2005

Viktor & Rolf

Theatrics at Viktor & Rolf

The collection was absolutely...hilarious.

The models were made to look sleep-deprived, thanks to out-of-bed hair and red eyeliner (bloodshot eyes?)

Viktor & Rolf are probably the stand-up comedians in the world of movie stars. They provide that humour during fashion week.

I wonder how they make money to stage such shows.

Can't wait for more....


Someone got stuck in a pillow case?!

Edward Scissorhands facial expression.

How did they get the hair to stand like that?

Someone should wear this to an awards show. Then when it gets boring, they can just lean back and fall asleep.

Oooh, wearable fashion goes to another level - fashion so wearable you can sleep in it!
From partying to the bedroom.
No more pjs!

This person never got out of bed.

Remember Spring'05?

I pity this model. Can she breathe?