Thursday, March 17, 2005


You know when you just wanna dress down sometimes, in Tshirt and jeans, you've got to find a nice and comfy shoe to go with the outfit?

Heels wont do cos they are too uncomfortable.
Flats? Some are too dressy.

So I would say sneakers.

But the problem with sneakers is that some are specifically for sports, not casual wear, so they have very high platforms and sometimes they don't look very nice either.

I have a pair of Pumas which I used for casual wear and a pair of Nikes for sports.
Unfortunately, my Pumas don't quite match certain outfits and they have rather high platforms. (I wear them to school though)

So what I really want are Converse Chuck Taylors.

Not any Chuck Taylors.
The Slipons.

Chuck Taylor® All Star® Slip White Unisex Slip [#1S507], Canvas, $95.00

If you're the slip-'em-on-and-go type, for whom laces seem like just too much trouble, we feel you. The Slip features an ingenious built-in support beneath the tongue to give you a nice snug fit without the constrictions of tying things up. With a deconstructed upper and All Star embroidery, it's a unique look, too. Laces? We don't need no stinking laces!

Damn they are expensive.