Friday, April 08, 2005

Elie Tahari

Thank you prettynyc for your question regarding 'hipster designers'.

Well, I think Elie Tahari is one great designer to look out for. named Tahari as one of the Fifteen to know so I think that pretty much nailed down the cool factor.

A little background info:

Mr. Tahari has successfully created companies based on his incredible instincts that enable him to predict what is going to happen in fashion before it actually does happen.

In the 1970’s, ultra-pricey fashion designers and strictly casual inexpensive clothes saturated the marketplace, with nothing in-between. The Elie Tahari Collection changed that, with styles that bridged the gap between the two wildly disparate groups. It was during this period that the shop-in-shop concept was born.

The Elie Tahari Collection was the first choice of Bloomingdale’s, Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue, and this brainchild would ultimately revolutionize the way all retailers present designer collections. The retailers created a dedicated space within their stores to carry the Collection, and designed the space according to Mr. Tahari’s specifications. This was not just any space, though; Mr. Tahari created a complete shopping environment for the customer that merchandised the line into ‘looks’ that were styled, instead of just random pieces for sale that was the norm at the time.

Some impressive press coverage in 2005 featuring its Elsa Jacket:

According to, "Victorian values were celebrated in Tahari's new collection, which refitted romantic staples like puff sleeves, velvets, ribbons, and sequins for hot nights in the naked city." (For its Fall 2005 collection)

But before we get to Fall, let's have a look at what's availiable for Spring.

The theme for Spring is "Nouveau Bohemian" featuring Indian-isque tunics, ethnic colours, paisley prints and comfy fabrics like silk and cotton voile.

It kind of reminds me of Topshop, just that its more expensive. Great for the Americans out there who don't have access to London's Topshop.

It also has an elegant vintage collection, with a printed scarf-like skirts and feminine weave jackets.

I would put some of their catalogue pictures here if I could, but unfortunately, their pictures are protected.

Some picks from their online store:



SOLON JACKET ($280 on sale)


From Neiman Marcus Elie Tahari store:

Seersucker Suit & Crinkled Tunic

Floral Jacket & Jeans

Tube Top & Cropped Jeans

And now, for its Fall collection:

The tunic reappears but takes on a Victorian sophistication instead.

Gorgeous sequinned jacket with couture-like belt. And the checks on the trousers round up the detailed romantic look.

Hope I answered your question prettynyc . Thanks again for your inspiration.
I shall post up more designer profiles and collections in the near future.