Monday, April 11, 2005


Marimekko Corporation is a Finnish textiles and clothing company that was established in 1951. Its operations are based on the original Marimekko brand and the Marimekko concept, which is derived from the brand and represents the company's lifestyle thinking. There are three product lines: clothing, interior decoration and bags.

Marimekko has three factories of its own in Finland: a textile printing factory in Helsinki, a clothing factory in Kitee and a bag factory in Sulkava. In addition, both Finnish and foreign subcontractors manufacture products for the company. Marimekko products are also manufactured under license in Finland, the United States and Japan. The company has 25 retail stores of its own in Finland and one store in Sweden

I am posting about Marimekko because prints are so hot this Spring. And when it comes to prints, Marimekko is such an inspiration. However, many of the outfits from their clothing line don't have prints but still look fantastic all the same. Good tailoring and clean classic lines are the main attraction.

There are several designers for its Spring 05 collection.

My favourite one is Ritva Falla's nautical inspired line.Styles are in lustrous, firm cotton-viscose fabric and are appropriate for both relaxed and more formal occasions.

I love this absolutely gorgeous nautical double-breasted blazer.

A classy suit that can fit both work and play.

Mika Piirainen's nature-inspired retro prints are also super fantastic.
Lots of loose fitting fabric and large circles. Very summery.

Marimekko also has a printed bag line. But most of their bags fail to impress me.

Dogs doggy

Their Spring 05 interior design line features tons of bold nature inspired prints.




Marimekko is availiable in over 800 stores worldwide so it should be easy to scour for them at the department store near you.

More about Prints in Spring later when I have time.