Tuesday, April 12, 2005


Snippets: My form of quick and easy posting. And light reading for you guys.

Just for FashionAsia and all you brides out there (at least those in Singapore), wedding bands available here:

From Lee Hwa Jewellery's Romantic Wedding 2004 collection:

From Goldheart:

And for all international brides:

Tiffany and its blue box and satin ribbon would always remain the holy grail of wedding bands:

And after you get married and decide to settle down, you might just become a 'Desperate Housewife'. Jessica Steele lets you do so with style with their apron collection. Reminiscent of 1950s-housewife garb, the charming shmattes come in numerous patterns (floral, toile, gingham, striped) and styles (A-line, scalloped, and bib), so there's an apron for any statement you want to make.

Enough of brides and marriage already, lets move on.

Laura Merkin has some pretty bags:

The sophisticated Stella range:

The chic Darling range:

The casual Lorenzo range:

Another great bag shop is Golden Bleu:

Goldenbleu, a handbag collection, boasts femininity and elegance with a raw edge. enthused by all elements of fashion, the designers draw inspiration from interesting details they find in couture fashion. Each handbag has been carefully designed to marry function and fashion. Details are seen in the unique design, shapes, sizes and quality of the buttery leather exteriors and suede interiors.