Thursday, May 26, 2005

College Days - Part 2

The preppy style is a style long associated with a sort of lifestyle that referred to the more wealthy of the population. It was synonymous with country club members, yacht owners, and croquet players.
The typical preppy look consists of lighter colored clothing, mainly khaki and pastels. A typical male preppy outfit would normally consist of khaki colored pleated pants and a polo shirt. In the preppy style, it's normal for men to embrace shades of pink, lime and yellow. For women, the look was quite similar.
Women would wear khaki colored bermuda shorts, or skirts, fitted polos or short sleeved blouse tops, and a light cardigan tied over the shoulders. Footwear consisted mostly of white tennis shoes for men, and delicate sandals for women. The overall preppy look has one rule: clean.

Every looks is clean, fitted and has a hint of athleticism to it.


While the preppy look is usually associated with country clubs and polo games, mass market took hold of the look and made it something that became popular with the general public. Companies like Abercrombie, American Eagle, as well as certain designers such as Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger take the preppy look and make it modern.
A more modern preppy look takes the classic look and tones it down a bit. Polo shorts for women are more fitted, and have stripes. Jeans were paired with polos to create a more casual preppy look. More recently, the preppy look began to include slogan tees and sash belts.

You don't have to think far to see which show has the most preppy style - The OC of course.

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