Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Big Summer Mistake

As my previous entry on bustiers has demonstrated, lingerie as outerwear needs to be worn with caution and class, not like that:

PEEK-A-BOO g-strings - divine! Runaway bra-straps - sexy! Lumps of puckered lard cascading over the chafing waistbands of skin-tight skirts - absolutely fabulous! Whether it's thunder thighs bursting out of keister-cupping shorts, blubbery bellies drooping over belt lines or deflated bosoms languishing under form-fitting tops - New York is boldly redefining its celebrated status as the nation's fashion capital.
The carb-friendly look that's spreading like a pair of child-bearing hips across the city lends itself to creative interpretation, as you'll see in our investigation on the following pages.

Never mind that pesky habit of keeping your flesh in check - just sausage that body into the smallest item of clothing you can find. And don't be afraid to wear a skirt as a shirt, or even doff a cardigan backwards.

Wanna get in on the fashion fun? It's easy. Just remember, if it's two sizes too small . . .

(via NY Post)