Friday, July 01, 2005

Blue Hawaii

I'm back!
'Twas was a great trip to New York City. Will miss it. But shall not bore with the itinerary.

D&G pays homage to everyting.

D&G paid tribute to Elvis in their Spring/Summer collection with a perfect melting pot of glam rock and tropical whimsy. (think Las Vegas and Honolulu)

For fans of the king of rock or people who want something exclusive this Summer, here's something for keeps.
The finale offered a humble tribute to the King of fashion and rock ‘n roll during the 1950’s and 60’s portrayed on t-shirts, tanks and skirts with Elvis Presley portraits, a series of 10 exclusive, never-seen-before photographs from the Presley family.

A perfect little cover-up on the beach

And a little reminder for all:

Riley Keough, the Elvis's granddaughter, was on their runway last Fall.

Come this fall, the Elvis homage comes to an end as rock chic goes hard-core. Tribute is paid to seventies designer Biba instead, with glamourous kitchy pieces (think metallics and lace) and afro curls. Think Las Vegas drag-queen. More on that when Autumn arrives.

A preview for what's trickling into stores come Fall:

Romantic lacey ruffled chiffon tops - the must-have

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