Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Current Events Memorabilla


Though I doubt foreign aid has the ability to achieve the high and mighty goal of "making poverty history", there's no harm in supporting this cause. (though some money might end in the corrupt government's pockets).
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Too much hype. Too much.

Media coverage here is immense. It's as if holding the IOC here is going to put our name anywhere on the tourism map it hasn't gone before. Anyone here remember where the previous IOC was held? Or where any other IOC was held? NO. Exactly. Who does? Yet the media here have treated IOC delegates and this whole event like some sort of momentous event for Singapore.

Anyway, the contenders are NY, Madrid, Moscow, Paris and London.

My bet is on Paris.

I guess the only satirical support one could give would be to don their tshirts. And NY has the best logo.

Very iPod commerical esque. Very good for NY's image, considering the bad rep it has been getting since Sept 11th.