Monday, July 25, 2005

Fall Faves : Balenciaga

I think Nicolas Ghesquière from Balenciaga is one of those fashion darlings who people think can do no wrong. His fall collection proved his ability to be one of the most influential designers of this century. Like Miuccia Prada, he doesn't follow trends. He creates them.

The impossibly gifted Ghesquière (who has worked for Agnes B and JPG) delivered the themes of 'sixties' and 'military' with panache. Boxy trenches and coats paired with lean long pants were cool and cutting edge, and every bit desirable for the fashionistas. The navy coat on the right was my favourite coat, with a hint of the heavy nautical influence the house had in Spring with a more structured, military feel. Would make a great addition in anyone's closet.

He also incorporated futuristic, space-age elements into his collection, with metallic pants and tops. Even this outfit reminded me of the iPod shuffle(with its futuristic elements).

The sixties was also revisted with the addition of some mod pieces. The silhouette was lean and long and didn't even hint at volume, which everyone is so crazy about right now.I didn't quite enjoy series of feathery gazar dresses though the grecian drapery on the others were beautiful. An obvious classic theme, with black, white and some army green forming the main palette.

My ultimate favourite outift was this:

The organza skirts were one of my favourite sperates. So feminine and it really softened the military look in the heavy coats. The tube above was also gorgeous, one of the only non-coat items that had a military influence, great for those living in tropical (coat-unfriendly) climates! And on top of that, I loved the diamante bow belt he added to the waist. A perfect ending touch to the outfit, with a little feminine appeal and yet not too girly or cutesy. This is one outfit that is so clean and elegant (and black!) that would blow people away and Ghesquière is one of those few designers out there that can impress with such simplicity.

Ghesquière's sheer brilliance is something we can't quite get enough of. His wearable designs speak a thousand words and unlike the trendy designs filling our runways and racks, stay wearable for years. Indeed Ghesquière has lived up the name of the house created by Cristobal Balenciaga (“the greatest dressmaker who ever lived,” according to Diana Vreeland) and is on the path up the fashion pedestal. A deserving position for a deserving man.