Sunday, July 24, 2005

Fall Faves : DSquared

Too cool.

Girl-meets-boy at DSquared with an amazing collection of capri pants, fedora hats, leather and shoes. This is a collection I want in my wardrobe. Very wearable, very rock-chick.

DSquared just made me swoon over their collection of capri pants. The zippers and leather just call out to me. Even the simple denim capri and white tshirt ensemble looked lovely with a low-slung slouchy belt and a plush velvet coat. My favourite pair would be the one on the right. With a little leather belt and pockets, this pair would go with anything and would last through all seasons.

Leather was everywhere, on capri pants and the biker jackets. The leather biker jackets were cool without being too hardcore and were chic paired with shirts and capri pants. And they were not just in black but also in red and burnt orange. A look not seen anywhere else in the runways (other than one in Alexander McQueen) that I would love love love to adopt.

Like the pants, the skirts also stopped at knee-length, with feminine pleats and more subdued colours and tailoring. Definitely designed for the DSquared working girl in mind. Like the outfit on the left, the skirts were paired with shirts and jackets, with smart layering and accessorising, were made pretty for work or for that casual day out.

The western mania has spread on to DSquared too, with a collection of western-influeced shirts, such as this gingham print one. And with the pairing of the geeky gingham with leather, heels and fur (as seen in the first picture above), DSquared shows us how to wear this Fall's western trend with style. (Say No to gingham shirts and denim jeans! That's bringing the trend too far)

For evening, the silk cocktail dresses were young and classy in jewel-tones and like the rest of the outfits, accessorised with gold jewellery for that glam-rock appeal. This sexy black dress was especially stunning with the plunging neckline. Even a black dress paired with a terry cloth jacket looked cool.

The accessories were equally lovely. To continue with the high-street cool look, DSquared also showcased a selection of headwear, from suede newsboy caps, to trucker caps (which Jessica Simpson is a fan of) and the main highlight - the fedora hats. The bags too, were punk-chick, in browns, greys and full of grommets like this western-style suede hobo with tassels. The wild wild west were also shown in their collection of scarves, worn cowboy style on the models. Gold was the colour du-jour, with gold chains on jeans, on necks, hands and even on what looks like an iPod (right). The shoes I believe, were outstanding. Such a wide selection of colours and styles and all with the sexy heel. (to go with the capris) Many were ankle-strapped and had even more bling on them. Suede was often used like in this fire-engine red heel and deep purple boot.

The DSquared girl is who I want to be. With the effortless style, it is one look one is sure to have fun in. The glamourous boyish-cowgirl-rockchick look is young and lively, and most importantly, wearable. Very tough chick, very LA. An inspirational collection to covet.