Sunday, July 03, 2005


I thought the problem of homogenous fashion was unique to Singapore. After all, Singapore has only a small population of 4 million and about 2 good shopping districts. Now everyone would be buying the same thing because there are simply too so few shops around! (and all the good shops come from UK and Spain)

But lo and behold in the great US of A, tons and I mean TONS of teenage girls were wearing the exact same things! Moreover, the situation looked a little worse than in Singapore because when I mean exactly the same, I mean EXACTLY the SAME.

The beaded slippers (right) were one. They were everywhere. Shops in NY's Chinatown and South Street Seaport had tons of these shoes.

Next, there were tons of girls wearing these sparkly belts (left) or polka dotted scarves as belts or headbands.

Chinatown again, filled with them. And the colours were pretty much the same- pinks, blues, greens. And polka dotted or sparkly.

And then there were the blazers. Now I couldn't find the picture of exactly what I wanted, but this blazer on the right was one of the more common styles.

All blazers were cropped and either in tweed (right) or striped ala nautical. (and it was white with light blue stripes).

I saw that nautical looking blazer in 2 different shops at once.

And the bags were the same too! Sparkly sequined sacks like the one on the left were ubiquitous.

And again, Chinatown, Chinatown, Chinatown. Tons of it.

Bohemia was huge. Girls were wearing long prarie skirts and colourful beaded necklaces. (right).

I don't know about others, but when a trend gets this popular and practically everyone wears the same look, it gets so irksome for me. Some might like it and dress the same to try to 'fit in', but this McDonalds fashion is simply annoying to me.

The bohemia fever isn't all that strong in Singapore but after returning from the US, I'm suffering from extreme bohemia fatigue. And nautical-fatigue too.

I'm glad Fall is coming. New looks at last!

Meanwhile, looks like 'mod' or 'military' would be perfect for looking a little different amongst the hippie-drugged crowd.