Monday, August 15, 2005

Back to school fashion

If I were the OC's stylist, I would get hoards of Paul and Joe for the preppy casts.

This fall, Paul and Joe offers several preppy and chic outfits perfect for school and afters. As usual, the preppy girly style of the brand remains, but this time with a more classic twist. The Paul and Joe girl seems to take to a little 60s vintage, accessorising with a pearl necklace for a little retro.

Seperates were simple and practical yet very stylish and easy to match. Each outfit, though exuding good clean fun, all had an extra twist added for that fashionista touch.

I also loved how pieces were mixed and match for an interesting look. Styles were mished mashed together effortlessly. A gingham shirt under a preppy pullover, a marriage of 2 extremely different trends, works fine for me. And who would have thought, a Victorian shirt with plum shorts and bangles? Edwardian sporty? A mod turtle neck was matched perfectly with a pair of casual jeans and earthy yellow jacket with a perfect little pearl necklace. A mix of modern and old classics.

The individual pieces were exceptionally lovely. I loved the turtle neck tunic on the right, with the intricate little pattern and gorgeous sky blue. The baggy sleeves are oh-so fashion savvy and the wintery little slouch bag with the cute pom pom balls perfect the wintery look. Essentially a simple outfit but put together impeccably.

Like the turtle neck, many of the seperates had hanging loose sleeves. Batwing sleeves has made a comeback here, on this deep scarlet dress and on this lemon tunic top with the adorable floral print.

The stars were undoubtedly the little shrugs and jackets they had to offer. This lovely blue cardigan with its geometric pattern totally blew me away and it didn't look twin-set mumsy paired with a girly camisole underneath. And a moss shrug with a lacy corset top and shorts? Who would have thought? There were cute knit capelets too which were paired with knee length skirts and dresses. The trademark Paul and Joe logos were also present, such as this duck logo upon a knit wrap. Other preppy pullovers include this almost punkish design and this striped one which would make any OC stylist proud. For prim and proper, they also had some double breasted coats and a 60s-esque pale trench.

The dresses were also full of girly loveliness, such as these white and pink frocks with artsy swirls printed on them. This lovely coral dress and this lemony baby doll empire line so reminded me of the girly preppy style of Rachel Bilson and the classic lines from Scarlett Johansson. But my favourite has to go to the teal Victorian dress on the right. It looks like a poet's shirt from the waist up, with the balloony sleeves, the chiffon light material and the romantic tie front but ends into a girly dress with a feminine bow belt tie. A perfect casual dress isn't it? And speaking of dress, I wonder what the designer was thinking when she made this potato sack. It looks seriously out of this world and strangely detached from the rest of her collection.

For accessories, Paul and Joe tried out the socks and heels thing with tan nylon socks with yellow pumps which worked well when paired with shorts. Other accessories not previously mentioned include the Fall must-have, leather boots, which looked more equestrian than cowboy, especially when paired smartly with a neat tucked in shirt and a saddle bag. The scarves were pretty too, in tawny yellow and white.

Floral prints on shirts reminded me of Paul Smith woman's Spring Summer collection while this long suede jacket brought Willy Wonka's purple jacket to mind.

While Paul and Joe's collection isn't for those who want trendsetting, avant-garde fashion, it satisfies younger tastebuds who have a knack for fashion and offers affordable garb for our fickle wardrobes. It'll be fun going back to school with Paul and Joe.