Monday, August 08, 2005


School satchels injeted with oodles of fun! Jeremyville, a great artistic website with cute cartoons and drawings (like Paul Frank but better) sells sketchels, stationery and tshirts with their drawings.

Jon Burgerman sketchel

A sketchel is a new shoulder satchel concept that houses original, one-off art on flexible canvas panels by leading international artists and designers, and amazing up and coming artists and designers too.

This makes each sketchel a unique art work, while still being a functional product, and the canvas panel is protected behind a thick, clear PVC cover. The sketchel is made of black vinyl, with metal fasteners and rivets, adjustible shoulder strap, and internal pockets.

Sketchel is something very personal, and one of a kind. It is not a mass market or mass produced product at all... but rather, the opposite of that.

No one in the world will have the same sketchel as you.

These one of a kind sketchels are such a great concept. They suit both guys and girls, are radically different with the PVC cover, channel a bit of Pop Art thanks to the great talent and the fact that it is in limited quantities just makes it even more attractive!