Saturday, August 06, 2005

Not so chick

This is why celebrities should stick to what they do best - being celebs. (though some of them suck at being even that) With the rise of celebrity designers nowadays, everyone is jumping on this brandwagon. Nicky Hilton : a fashion designer? Her line of bags and clothes at Kitson was utterly beguiling. At first, when I saw the cheap looking glittery hearts and stars on the psuedo-stylish bags, I thought "Ughh". But then I found out that Chick is actually supposed to be, I quote the woman herself, "a sophisticated junior line for those who don't want to dress like they are 12 years old. It's high fashion without the high prices. But anyone can wear the line, from 10 year-olds to 30 somethings."

W-H-A-T? I'm confused.

High fashion without the high prices?

Look at this Hilton Heart Bag. It looks nothing more than $30 max. Mono-colours, boring and cheap looking, haphazardly pasted glittery hearts here and much could it possibly cost right?
But hey, guess what. Its a whopping $275! Hullo? Can 12 year olds afford such expensive bags? Or does she not realise that not every girl has wealthy (and spendthrift, I'm guessing) parents like she does? For that amount of money, I can buy a nice tote from Marc by Marc Jacobs...

"But anyone can wear the line, from 10 year-olds to 30 somethings." !!!

Look at this cheesy Cigarette/Creditcard Case ($85.00). I can only imagine a 8 year old carrying that. Not even a 12 year old. 30 year old? Good joke.

Get real Miss Hilton. I don't think you have a terrible sense of style, but hey, your designs suck. That's probably why you carry Chloe instead.