Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Olive Oil

After some research on and trying some products first hand, I have come to a conclusion that if one is going to trust any of those "natural" products, I would recommend Olive Oil. After all, it has been highly prized in the Mediterranean and dates back to centuries ago.

Olive oil itself, according to many websites, can be used as a cosmetic. The ancient Greeks used to bathe with oil, using a special scraper to take off the excess. And the best oil to use is without a doubt Extra Virgin Olive Oil. And not one of those that come in big bottles for spaghetti. It's better to get the premium organic extra-virgin expeller-pressed olive oil. You don't want any of that chemically processed 'Pure' or 'Light' Oils getting on your face (unless you want zits!)

Some home-beauty treatment methods got from here :

Skin: Olive Oil is amazing as a skin moisturiser. Whenever your skin needs softening and moisturising, massage a small amount into your skin. You will instantly be amazed by how soft it leaves your skin.

Lips: Dab a little olive oil on chapped lips to soothe and soften.

Hands: This tip will leave your tired hands feeling beautifully soft. Before going to bed, smooth a generous amount of olive oil onto your hands. Put on some white cotton gloves and go to sleep. When you wake in the morning your hands will feel terrifically soft.

Cuticles & Nails: Are your cuticles ragged and your nails brittle and dry? Olive oil can work wonders for you. Soak nails for 30 minutes in a small cup of olive oil.

Hair: Olive oil is a miracle cure for split ends. Not only does it help repair split ends, it also heals dandruff, and makes your hair shiny, silky and lustrous. Massage a few tablespoons of olive oil into scalp and hair. Cover hair with a plastic bathing cap and leave on for 30 minutes or more. Then shampoo as normal.

Bath: Add several tablespoons of olive oil to your bath, along with a few drops of your favourite essential oil, to sooth and nourish your skin.

Now, I'm not going to start buying olive oil and smear that all over my face/hair yet. It would clog up my bathroom and I'm not a very adventurous person. However, I would recommend some olive oil products, especially from L'Occitaine's Olive collection.

Olive Hair Care Oil
Tress Distresser
Calling all highlight addicts: This mixture of soothing essential oils restores dry locks to their shiny virgin state, pulling triple duty as a pre-swim mask, a revitalizing conditioner, and a post-blow-dry shine enhancer.

Olive Harvest Kit - Daily Face & Body Care:
1x Daily Face Cream
1x Face Scrub Mud
1x Exfoliating Shower Cream
1x Olive Body Milk 125ml

The Daily Face Cream was given a "Big Thumbs Up" by a makeupallew reviewer.

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