Saturday, August 27, 2005

Shoes of the Season

The wedges and flipflops of Spring and Summer should be buried for a while. In Fall, we pay homage to women of elegance and grace.

No more cheap crotchet flats or espadrilles. (Actually, I've never approved of both shoes, especially the espadrilles. They are never flattering and the platform heel with ribbon at the ankle, I've noticed, makes any wearer's calves look like pork chop.)

However, not all the trends of Spring and irrelevant to Fall. How about the ballerina flat? They were huge in Fall and still are but now, unlike in Spring, the ballerina flat is more sophisticated and less dance-inspired.

In Spring, you had satin flats in traditional pinks and that ubiquitous little bow tie in the front. Very ballerina indeed. But come Fall, the ballerina flat comes in decadent leather trims and deep colours. The only similarity it has to Spring's flats are the lack of heel and the girly round toe. It's a lovely, more classy elder sister, made of sumptuos leathers and velvets, has hints of pop and matches the elegant outfits of Fall perfectly.

Femine, sumptous and elegant.
These shoes may have no heels, but they still exude an air of dignity with their lushness and luxury.

Alluring denim with red alligator by Louis Vuitton.
Handsome holiday tweed flats by Tods.
Charming bow trim from Salvatore Ferragamo.

Pop art and retro
A little garish, a little chintzy, but that's the sixties darling. And if you can't have fun with shoes, you can't have fun at all.

Marc Jacobs and his constantly reinvented Mary Jane.
Go back to the sixties with Dior's velvet bow ballerina.
Mod? Pop? Louis Vuitton's hint of psychadelia is a hit on the feet.

My favourite shoe for Fall, however, goes to the Pump. This Fall, the sqaure-toed penny loafer seen on the runways of Balenciaga and Prada are sure to be a hit. (They've got lovely lookalikes at Gap already!)
With the sixties hitting us with full force, the pumps are a little swing, a little pop, but made for the grown up girl.

Courtly and refined
For work or play, these sqaure toed pumps are a little vintage-y but never too old for us.

Tod's Swing Two-Tone pump in deep crimson gets the best of both worlds of patent leather and vibrant fuschia suede.
Another one from Tod's. These glossy leather pumps would go perfectly with the Jackie outfits from Alexander McQueen.
Wearing Miuccia Prada is not just about the shoe. It's the experience. These calf leather penny loafers are absolutely stunning. Good luck if you can get one. They're in extremely high demand.

Groovy sixties
The fun theme never goes away in any season. This time, its about the swinging sixties.

Black and white. The colours of the Fall and the sixties. We all know black is back, but what's a little Pop white to go with it? The dual-tone combination from Marc Jacobs is classy and fun.
YSL gets the colour right this Fall with this suede burgundy velvet pump. The ankle strap, I don't approve, but the colour, I like.

And once the wintery cold hits certain parts of the world, what better way to keep your feet warm than in boots? This season's boots come in all looks and styles. You've got the Ugg variations, you've got the skin-tight leather and though that western frontier cowboy is slowly fading, it is not quite there yet. The sixties didn't quite hit it with the boots. Remember the 'Courreges boot'? And here at Guise, we think that white leather boots should stay in history.

Its a warm and fussy feeling, I've got inside. People in tropical climates, keep out! Uggs, stay away!

Love it or hate it, Fendi delivers a cute and cozy pair of shearling boots with their squirrel mascot adding that childish delight.
Meanwhile, Prada's Sport Shearling is less garish and much more classic.

A little more subdued than Fall, cowboy boots are not about over-the-top studs or patterns but more about sophistication. Think equestrian stature, not rodeo rough.

Stuart Weitzman gives us some studded cowboy boots this Fall in rich wood colour.
Supple suede and a cowboy tassel make this simple pair of Jimmy Choo edgy and cool.

So there you go. The shoes of fall. Remember keep the flimsy sashes on your espadrilles tied up hidden in your closet when the season hits.