Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Singapore. A Glimpse.

It is National Day today. Singapore turns the big 4-0 today and in dedication to our rising young nation, I present a post related to Singapore.

Being a student in Singapore, the only "fashion statements" me and my fellow schoolmates get to make is with bags and shoes because we wear uniforms all the time.

Anyway, when it comes to fashion faux pas, the students here are no exception. The biggest faux pas so far in my school is the usage of straw bags as school bags. Straw bags are not for school. They are for the beach! That's it! I hardly even think a straw bag is suitable for the city, mind you. (unless it's mixed with good quality leather and appropriately styled) And the ones that the students carry are in pretty bright colours like pink and green. To carry books? A no-no from me.

Another big bag trend are Crumpler bags from Australia.

They come in numerous colours and styles and the above style, the Barney Rustle Blanket, is the most popular, probably because of the very few styles available here.
They cost S$150, which is a lot for a student's bag but it is supposedly hardy and resists wear and tear. It provides extra security, comfort and stabilty with its structure and material.

Definitely not a trendy bag, given its plain colours and design, though I would say the style is passable. A popular bag with the males, though the females carry them too. A handy bag when it comes to lugging about heavy books and files and trusty enough to last you your entire school year.

I used to bring a tote from Loop NYC and I highly regret it. The poor handles could not take the weight of the files and started to wear off within a month :(

I use a Voodoo Dolls (an australian brand) backpack nowadays.

Singapore brands you should support:

Creative for their functional and colourful Zen Micro MP3 players and their incredibly stunning Zen Vision multimedia centre.

Ashley Isham, not a homegrown designer, but Singaporean all the same. His collection this Fall was simple and minimalistic, with outfits for the modern woman.

Andrew Gn, whose East-meets-West aesthetic features minimalist, tailored designs cut from luxurious fabrics. Frequently referred to as a magnificent colorist, Gn's designs are flirty, but not shy. Designed for so-called "bourgeois princesses," he does a lot of bows, body-hugging tube skirts, fur-lined accessories, floral appliqu├ęs, cashmere, and embroidered coats. This Fall, his coats and gowns(right) are definitely on the stylish list.

Singapore Airlines, a world-class airline with a long list of achievements.

And lastly, local jeweller Lee Hwa has just launched a purple gold jewellery collection. A world's first and definitely a great fashion statement for this Fall since purple is the trendiest colour now.