Thursday, August 04, 2005

So Right Now

Buddhist Punk is the epitome of cool with their grungy, rock-star image. I love that high-street style their designs have and their clothes speak the language of style and cool so loudly it is hard to miss. It is so hard to locate a store that sells their goods that they are considered rather exclusive.I absolutely adored their Spring collection, but never really got to seeing any online boutique selling their goods. Thus, how I rejoiced when I came across, a UK boutique that stocks up not just on Buddhist Punk, but also the coolest street brands found on the backs of youngsters in Tokyo and London.

Buddhist Punk Tshirt

Meanwhile, for those looking for other very cool brands, the Hanon-shop store has many many other high-street labels for men and women like PAM, Stussy, Throw, MHI and many more.

The Adidas collection is astoundingly beautiful. The ones you have in retail stores here are boring and so generic. Look a Kimono dress for yoga/dance? They even have super cool leather boots. So grungy and cool! Even their track tops look better, such as this jockey track top with a Eley-Kishimoto inspired psychadelic design!

Another brand I like is the MHI girls label. I love this canary yellow sweatshirt with the whimsical illustrations on the sleeve. Very Japanese. And I absolutely love this MHI Bow Cami with contrasting colours and such a cute ribbon. I also think the domino jacket on the left was very unique and nothing short of cool.

And for those Levis aficionados, they stock on vintage Levis, such as this Levi's G. 1967 505 Sonic with a punk-rock patchwork design. And this old school Levi's G. Jefferson Crew surely can't be found in your nearby Levis store.

Their men's collection is just as cool. I especially like the sneakers such as this gold Nike Vandal GD

They also have upcoming shoe collaboration by Pam of Australia and footwear co. Tas of Japan. called 'Manana Banana Barry Highs'. A very cute and terribly fun design.

For those who don't take themselves too seriously, Hanon shop is your dream come true

Oh and "No matter where you are, will deliver" :)