Saturday, September 24, 2005


Ashish S/S'06 - The glitterati

As usual, Ashish displayed a collection rich colors: turquoise, purple, green, yellow and also showcased its orginal trademark patterns which were 80s-like with neon colours upon black backgrounds. Shapes were the traditional but tended to be loose and draping: shift dresses, wide sweaters, trousers, baggy polos and small summer dresses, giving space for the colors and patterns to take centrestage. My attention was put on the glittery colours of the non-patterned apparel. A simple polo was made up glamourously with scintillating stripes and what would have been a boring black jersey became a shiny flapper-style dress. For the evening, the sobriety of the black and the beige was lightened with the lustrous fabrics. This dazzling marriage of glamour and athleticism is going to something to look out for next year.

Though simple, the glamorous-preppy theme brought to mind previous collections of Dolce and Gabbana and the latest of Luella, proving that Ashish is very much on par with the bigwigs. This spangled collection sure has got me hooked...and inspired.