Friday, September 16, 2005

Calvin Klein

I shall touch on several Spring/Summer 06 collections in brief for now till the end of the year beckons, when we will need to recall the shows.

My favourite items. Click to enlarge.

Francisco Costa gave the collection a tone reflecting perfectly the impeccable, immaculate image and the minimal look of Calvin Klein. A collection with a prevalence of white on empire dresses with floating bands laced in front of a floor of stars such Lauren Dupont, model Helena Christenson and actresses Mary Kate Olsen and Alexis Bedel. The mixture of textures spiced the palette of white, mole and clear gray. There were slight references to the sixties, with mod necklines and circle print. The fabrics were light and floaty for that resorty feel, which was further enhanced with chic hair plaits and Grecian sandals. Despite the varied textures of tulle, georgette and chiffon, Costa knew to preserve the print minimalist specific to Calvin Klein with a key of modernity. Those Willy Wonka bug eyed shades also made an appearance, so I guess those are gonna be big next year. (Just look out for Nicole Richie - the sunnies hoarder).

It was a thoroughly enjoyable collection. Simple and chic and no frills.