Friday, September 23, 2005

Cardis and Sweats

Fall collections: Luella, Marc Jacobs, BCBG, AF Vandevost, Zac Posen, Jeffrey Chow, Oscar de la Renta and D&G

So how are you going to wear your cardigans and sweats for fall?

Some ideas:
Firstly, fall is obsessed with stripes. Stripes ala Dior, stripes ala Marc Jacobs, and as seen above, stripes ala Luella. Shops have already poured in overwhelmingly huge nos. of striped cardigans, I think I'm seeing circles.

I like how the red Marc Jacobs cardi brought ooomph and balance to the black outfit.
BCBG shows a little suave androgyny with a crotcheted cardigan slung over a vest and men's trousers.
AF Vandevost gives you Kate Moss style with a oversized knit cardigan worn over a barely there skirt and fur boots.
Zac Posen showcases one of my favourites this Fall. The Mod turtleneck with that stylish voluminous sleeves.
If you've got a simple long cardigan, wear it over a long skirt like Jeffrey Chow or Oscar de la Renta, who has also decided to belt it up at the waist.
D&G has got my favourite one from the collage: A pink cardigan loosely buttoned over a flaming bright red skirt and subdued black tights. What a smashing combination!

So cardigans don't have to be mumsy anymore and sweaters don't have to be terry cloth!