Friday, September 09, 2005

Fall's Blouse

We don't wear enough blouses. Instead we wear tshirts and tank tops, dresses over jeans etc...but we don't wear enough blouses.

At least not me anyway.

Perhaps this Fall, with the cornucopia of romantic chiffon and lacy blouses they've got out there (go Victoriana!), I should add the blouse to my wardrobe. They go with anything - jeans, skirt, heels. They are fun and adorable and can glam up any outfit without frivolous accessories. Now why didn't I think of them sooner?

Some pretty neat ideas off the runway:

Old fashioned romantic
Most of the blouses fall into this category with Chloe leading the way as usual. These lovely little blouses spice up a pair of jeans and can even be worn with a skirt for a formal function. How convenient.

A black blouse like this with a sheer lacy chiffon top from Nina Ricci would be great for night and day.
I love the entire outfit from Peter Som. The lacy bow front of the blouse with the puffy sleeves and the tulle layer of the black skirt makes this simple outfit dreamy and elegant.

With the male touch
Blouse going under suits are something not unheard of. A blouse with a suit, or maybe a smart pair of dress-pants can make the look less androgynous while still retaining the handsome silhouette. Sticking to white and black leaves you more room for fun for the details.

This lovely Victorian-esque blouse from Chanel can be transformed into something grungy and androgynous with the aid of some black pants, a rasta hat and a distressed vest.
The lace blouse adds some feminity into this Valentino outfit but the overall look is still quite mannish-smart.

Young and fun
I can't see someone in her 40s wearing these the same way as a 20 year old would but don't let age restrict your ability to play around with colours and styles.

The whole thing from Emanuel Ungaro is rather OTT if paired together, but each piece makes a fantastic seperate. The blouse looks like something from the 40s with the puffy sleeves but it is delightfully different and that's why I love it.
A must-have for the fashionista. A D&G purple blouse with a lovely corsage.

Good tailoring
Need I say more? A little Japanese tailoring or something smart and snappy can make a whole lot of difference to your look.

Something a little avant-garde might please lovers of Japanese fashion. Like the above blouse from PHI.
Not very impressive on the runway, but I can see the potential of the black blouse from Jill Stuart. The cinched waist and smart sleeves would be great with any bottom.

Long sleeves
Many blouses are big and ballon-like, with long sleeves and very voluminous. This would be the most risky option as such blouses can look stuck in the 80s pouf days if you're not careful enough. A more contemporary look can be achieved with a sexy low-neck and modern cuts.

I'm not a fan of the combination of slinky and skimpy because not everyone can carry it off. But if its slinky and baggy like this oversized blouse from Doo.Ri, I'm willing to give it a try.
I normally wouldn't try something like a kiwi print either, but Missoni's kiwi print blouse looks too beautiful to resist. The velvet pants, however, I might give a miss.

Meanwhile, check out the array of blouses at Saks. A lovely selection!

Shopping, here I come (after my exams that is)!