Thursday, September 01, 2005


Don't get me wrong. I think body art is great. I think people with tattoos are cool. In fact, I just thought to myself, maybe I should get one. (I quickly dismissed the thought upon thinking about the excruitiating pain.)

But tattoo body stockings? NO WAY.

Recently, local (ie Singaporean) singer Ho Yeow Sun opened a boutique somewhere selling clothes by Ed Hardy. Ed Hardy is THE guy for tattoo fashion. Also known as "the godfather of modern tattoo art," Hardy became the first non-Asian to gain access to the Japanese tattooing subculture when he was invited to study with renowned classical tattoo master Horihide.

One of the things in the shop that was highlighted recently on a television show were the tattoo sleeved shirts. (right) I hate them. Absolutely hate them.

Firstly, loud tattoos all over the arms are distasteful to me. Tattoos, in my book, should be "less is more". But don't listen to me about tattoos. What do I know?

Secondly, these shirts may be a novel idea in the West, but in Singapore, where Chinese form the majority, I'm afraid such tattoo sleeves will only bring to mind rogue Chinese gangsters. And they are kinda poseur don't you think? (the sleeves, not the gangsters...)

They are also a very old idea. Remember Spring 2004? Galliano had a similar idea, with his models donning flashy tattoo body stockings like the one in the first pic.

The look was definitely very Galliano, very high-fashion and flamboyant, but not for the streets. The style never took off, thank god. And I'm praying I will not see anyone wearing this look.

Do punk. Do oriental. Do prints. Go ahead. But don't do tattoo body stockings. They are way OTT. Especially in Singapore, or any other Chinese-dominated country, where you could be mistaken for being a member of some secret society.

Meanwhile, Ed Hardy does have better apparel in their stores which are more fashion-friendly. Their t-shirts are pretty cool and I love their specialty caps. And if you are in the USA and are looking for a tattoo, track down Ed Hardy. He's the man.

But stay off those sleeves!