Sunday, September 25, 2005


D&G Fall'05

No one can do it like D&G. Mix Victorian elements with high-street cool with a touch of glamour and goth.

Their chiffon tiered babydoll looks cute and sexy but with the purple leggings, it totally flips to kinky and weird even.
A nightie-like babydoll with the most traditional Victorian-esque prints with glamourous fur trimmings added looks vintagey, high-fashion, romantic and glamourous. All at once.
And a paisley dress with puffy sleeves might seem your-usual on the runway, but with the Midas touch of the gold buttons and gold flecked leggings, it becomes runway fashionista.
A cardigan conjures images of twinsets and grandmas, but D&G has taken out the mumsiness, added in lace and a low V-neck, paired it with a high lace blouse and given it a goth Harujuku twist.
And the last piece, a feminine lacy cardigan is matched perfectly with a red-hot gingham mini, a look that fits the glamourous street-style of D&G.

And for jewellery, they matched renaissance pieces of pearl with punk goth influnences of metallic chains a combination you can get no where else but at the visionary D&G.

I love D&G this Fall. Their glamourous rockstar looks at Dolce and Gabanna might suit the rich socialite but their diffusion line ain't losing out. It's a feast for the eyes and truly shows how fashion (and very good styling) is an art. I look forward to their S/S collections.

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