Tuesday, October 11, 2005


This month, I'm obsessed about:

Origins Make A Difference™ Skin rejuvenating treatment

This botanical breakthrough proves that not all visible skin damage is forever. Origins found a team of skin redeemers. The Rose of Jericho (a “resurrection” plant that can survive and thrive after decades of drought), cell-reviving Trehalose from corn sugar and Sea Haricots help skin rebound from dramatic dehydration. And a resourceful, ancient Oceanic Flora helps repair an aging appearance due to UV and environmental exposure. And Sage wisely rebuilds skin’s barrier to avert future damage. Used twice daily, wrinkled, weathered, potentially leathered skin resumes a youthfully-smooth look and feel

Also from the same line, Origins A Perfect World™ White tea skin guardian. It creates a protective bubble around skin so skin won't age before its time.

Gold flats from Gucci's Resort Collection. A girl can never have too many of these.

Greek mythology.