Saturday, October 01, 2005


Prada S/S'06- romantic and feminine

When you thought black was back with Prada, she throws you a curveball and gives you a assembly of ashen faced models (a far cry from the gothic masks that greeted us last season) in immaculate white dresses and skirts. No pants, sorry. Instead, you've got dusty grey leggings boldly paired with open toed heels and boots of brazen fuschia.

The light linen pieces are romantic, feminine but also casual chic and the only hint of last season's volume comes in the shape of puffed sleeves on tightly buttoned blouses. Where sleeves were not as puffed as pastry, they were squarish but oversized all the same. The waist was removed as the silhouette is loose and free, no hooks, buttons or any frills whatsoever. Sure, you've got the occassional belted waist and the tucked-in-the-waist blouse, but the dresses, they are 20s flapper glamourette style, hanging loosely and embellished with sequins. (remember Ashish?) Some needlework were present as were romantic stencil-like prints that reminded me of French wallpaper. Some champagne gold-khaki pieces were carefully decorated with bleeded ink or made of decadent snakeskin leather.

The bags, in totes and trolley luggages were structured and boxy, some in earthy khaki while others in iPod pearl white. The more evening friendly clutches had handles that twirled about the hand like a wristlet. There was a hint of atheleticism from the patent sunglasses, visors and the polo cuts but the overall look was feminine and romantic, what with the high platform bamboo wedges and hot pink boots. The collection was young and fun (and I dare say, a little Japanese Harujuku like), with borrowed ideas from school uniforms, such as this socks which I used to wear in high school.

With Prada, you never know what you will get.

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