Saturday, November 12, 2005


So for all the bag lovers out there, what's going to be new next Spring? Who's the IT bag? What's the Olsen twins/Lindsay Lohan going to be carrying?

Some visible trends:

Nautical Neon

A. Dell'Acqua, Pucci

Girly Girl

Chanel, Dolce and Gabbana

Earthy Utility Military

Chloe, Dior

J. Lo is going to be so happy because white and gold is huge, as seen on Roberto Cavalli, Valentino and Prada. And bag charms might be hot too, as seen on Luella and Lacroix. Chains are the usual, with Gucci going bamboo again.

But what makes an IT bag an IT bag is simply - originality. It stands out from the crowds of sacs on the runway and just screams at you - I'm new!
It fits in all the trends of the season, it has to be versatile (no evening clutches) for both day and night and again, it has to be original, original and original.

And for Spring 06, one bag clearly stood out. The Fendi Belt Bag. (I don't know what's its name yet, so I'll just call it that) It's buckles are like the ones on a belt, with large buckles and holes. It has got that whimsical feel, but yet all the versatility to suit anyone, from the punk to the practical.

You've got it in all the styles:
You've got it white, black, red, cute and girly, in canvas and different leathers.
Let me catch my breath here.

And not forgetting what I've mentioned earlier:

The Nautical Neon

The Girly Girl

The Earthy Utility

Yes, all you need next year is the Fendi Belt Bag. I see copycats, I see imitations, I see eBay.

Louis Vuitton is also a strong contender with his regal looking bags (it would suit the Byzantine Royal Balenciaga outfits), but it loses out to Fendi in originality. But who knows what's going to come out next year? We all know with accessories, the good stuff is worth waiting for. They don't just throw it all at you at once. I'm already hearing of the Miu Miu Twiggy going through a makeover.