Saturday, November 19, 2005

Christmas is coming!

List of things I want for Christmas

- Chanel 2.55 (in grey or red or black)
- Marc Jacobs cardigans (suitable for tropical climates)
- Topshop and Warehouse shopping spree
- A Doctor X Tshirt from Worn By
- Anything Cynthia Rowley (love the cute girly designs)
- Onitsuka Tigers (I haven't got these yet!)
- A Botkier bag (if the 2.55 is too costly)
- An Mp3 Player (I'm so behind!)
- A lovely Sequinned satin pump from Prada (US Size 8.5)
- The entire Adrian Mole series
- A Long Way Down by Nick Hornby
- All books by Kazuo Ishiguro
- Oasis's New Album
- Entire DVD sets for Sex and the City, Queer Eye for a Straight Guy, Six Feet Under (I've never watched any of the above)
- For Gary to win Survivor Guatemala

List of the things I'll get whether I want them or not

- Household items that I don't need (portable radio, lava lamp)
- Oversized Tshirts (end up as night wear)
- Oversized tank tops (end up as Mom's night wear)
- Tiny samples of shower foam from The Body Shop (made of spinach, carrots and some other vegetarian soup ingredients)
- Books about God/Angels/Finding-yourself (promptly sold away)
- Silver bracelets and earrings (which yellow after a year!)
- An ugly slingbag

Merry Christmas y'all!