Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Christmas Soiree

Panic Panic Panic. That's what happens when one gets invited to a christmas party when one has nothing to wear. At least, nothing good enough to wear.

You're meeting new people, re-introducing yourself to the crowd you saw last year and hell, this is your last chance for correcting any faux pas you committed previously (you've since burned that tulle dress) and salvaging your reputation.

There's a dress for every occassion so choose wisely.

If you're going to one of those parties that serve champagne in tuxedos and caviar on canapes, the kind where a pretty face is the invitation and being the best-dressed is the pre-requisite, well take a deep breath first. If you're gonna be uncomfortable making superficial conversation, laughing at unfunny jokes, choking on smelly fish eggs and squirming in your 3 inch heels, then don't bloody go.

But if you insist.
The guests will come in nothing less than Cavalli, Burberry and Gucci and your best bet for blending in (and perhaps, standing out) is Armani. Everyone looks good in Armani. The red strapless dress on the top is typical Armani - slick and sexy. If red is too much (it really isn't, try it out!), a black dress is always the safest option.

Even with black dresses, there are numerous choices. There's no lace in Armani's handbook, but tons of sequins and sparkly bits, perfect for these evening affairs.
For those in their 20s, you can get away with cute and the tube dress on the right is nothing but. A little retro flavour with the white bow detail but it doesn't deviate far from glamourous with the winning cut and glitterati detail.

The feathery number on the right with the diamante brooch and again more sequins would be perfect for anyone. It's sexy (but not too sexy) neckline and cut is a classic and would flatter most figures.

More deserving mentions:

Glamourous 2-pieces can work
Bejwelled corset or one with glitter and more glitter
Cute babydolls that would make Mischa Barton swoon

Thread carefully with these:
Purple velvet
Bling overkill
Weird appliques
Older than you look
Only if its a costume party

- Nothing beaded and round on your neck. If you're gonna wear pearls, mix it up like Chanel's jewellery. Pearls are passe, and trust me, someone else is gonna wear them. Especially if the outfit is Armani or anything along these lines, steer clear of pearls.
- If the dress is sparkly, the rest should be simple. This means no Judith Leiber clutches, no Swarvoski necklaces and simple heels.
- Yes, heels. What else? Closed.
- Not a hem lower than your knee
- A good bra does wonders
- No shawls. They're are for grannies. A sleeved jersey dress is okay or a suit if the occassion allows. But instead of Chanel tweed again, try Zac Posen's jacquard.
- If you're never seen out of pants and intend to stay that way (or if you just want to be different), a sharp tux-like suit would be a great conversation starter.
- Do Not Have Messy Hair. It is much faster and easier to have your hair in a neat updo than create a good 'messy and tousled' do. In fact, the latter is nearly impossible.
- If you have the hair, the dress, the shoes and the makeup, all you need is a smile and tons of tolerance and you're good to go.