Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Vintage shopping

I'm totally amazed at how beautiful and cheap the stuff is at Vintage Amore.

Nothing above $15.

Nothing above $30.

It's so fantastic, but the shipping to Singapore would cost a bomb. Lucky you Americans. For Singaporeans, my fave "secret" vintage shop is at Far East Plaza, with beautiful made-in-Korea vintage blouses and pleated skirts going for as low as $18. You'll have to search for it yourself among all the knick-knacks at the mall, that's the fun of shopping at Far East ain't it?

Alternatively, for Singapore and International buyers who are willing to pay more, I absolutely love everything at Singapore's very own bordelloprincess.com, a vintage apparel online store, which targets international buyers (prices in USD).

A simple slouchy top like the ones above (sold for about US$70+) would go great with a pair of black tweed shorts, perfect for Summer hanging out.

And for the teenagers, Forever 21 does stock some very good vintage-esque blouses. Forever 21 is always either a hit or miss with me and this season, I dare say its a hit! My most recent purchases from this shop includes this gorgeous Floral Mesh Knit Shirt that I instantly fell in love with. And it also kinda reminds me of this Carolina Herrera top seen on the Spring Summer 06 shows.