Sunday, November 13, 2005

What to look out for



1. Vintage feminine / Girlishness / Raid your grannie's closet
2. Schoolgirl chic / Preppy Athletic
3. Whimsical fantasy (the type of thing bedtime stories and cartoons are made of)
4. Soft and simple elegance / Less is more / Clean and understated
5. Rock and roll shiny glamourous (think slick leather, tight pants, sunglasses, Miami)
6. Folk/Farm/Country
7. Handsome androgyny (canes, tuxes, suits, hats)


1. Ribbons and sashes
2. Whites and nudes / Black and white
3. Dresses, specifically mini shift dresses in that Mary Quant silhouette
4. Art Deco
5. Chunky shoes
6. Neon
7. Chains (handles, prints)
8. Circles
9. Pantsuits, ties, pants, tuxedo
11.Soft Metallic / Embellishments
13.Gianni Versace
14.Grecian warrior
15.Soft chiffon / silk / satin