Monday, December 05, 2005

Cyclical fashion - 60s

References from the past will always return. After all, fashion is cyclical. What was the costume du jour in the Victorian/Edwardian times is back now. Revival? Maybe not. Inspiration. Yes.

This spring, one can spot references from all over the place. Neon from the 80s, Hippie from the 70s, Mod from the 60s, Drop waist from the 20s, Art Deco from the 20-30s.

Today, we look at the sixties, the age of Jackie-O and Twiggy.

A white Go-go vinyl mini at Louis Vuitton, Tent dress at Giles, Granny Dress at Anna Sui

Op-art at Johnathan Saunders, Jackie-O jacket and Mary Quant mini dress at Diane Von Furstenburg, Turtleneck sweater (1967 was the year of the turtle neck) at Michael Kors